Saturday, September 30, 2006

October Orange

Hello October!
In which we discuss
- 10 reasons why Halloween is better than Christmas
- Lenore the FCG
- More on the Video Rocket
- Eat'n grapes and ridin' scorpions Yeee-Hah!

September Blues

I am not a big fan of September. Oh, sure - my birthday, which always seems to fall on the first day of school (or last day of summer) - either way, there's always a little too much tension to enjoy it properly.
This September particularily, to use an apt metaphor, sucked donkey balls. Holy crap I haven't been so stressed since I can't remember. Too much, too soon, heavy rains of bad craziness. Bleurgh.....
Which is why my posts have been erratic and few. I have a few planned, but first I need to take a few deep breaths ( in through the nose, out through the mouth ), have a stiff drink ( a little more of the Yellowtail Shiraz, if you please...), watch another episode of Invader Zim annnnnnnnd.......

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Video Cam Rocket - the beginning

Junior Space Cadet #1 holds my Estes Canadian Arrow, specially equipped with custom hacked video camera. First videos can be seen here
Windows Media
Mac Quicktime