Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yeah, well... I found facebook....

August 2009 - Value Village, Richmond: One (1) 2.4 GHz 4 channel remote control transmitter. $5.00. W00t!
September 2009 - RC Stop, Langley: "Can I buy a receiver for this?" "Probably not, They're matched to the receiver with a ...blah blah blah...."... whatever. Besides, $75.
December 2009 - : identical transmitter. Receiver $15.00. Electronic Speed Control $6.50. OK - works for me.
January 2009 - Receiver/Transmitter pair work. 10 Starbucks for me!

(Now the Eleven reference)

Why does the electronic motor speed controller have three (3) wires? Ummm... most motors have two. OK, there's stepper motors, but I didn't think they are used here.

Off to google....

I spend an hour reading sites that tell me basically " hook the three wires of the ESC to the three wires of the motor".

*Why* are there three wires?

"There are three wires"

*Why* three?

"Right... three.... These motors have three wires. It's one better"

This is not the first time I've wandered into an area where it is assumed that everyone who comes there is already aware of the basics. Often you will get an FAQ, but even so - there are always questions unanswered.

Finally: "There are three wires because these are brushless motors. More efficient, easier to control and less noisy than cheaper two wire brushed motors" . Thanks Wikipedia.

I'm thinking I didn't find the answer because here, in the RC universe, all motors have three wires. You don't have motors with two. So Who needs to know?

Still, the Spinal Tap style logic of it was overwhelming