Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mai Intellivisions...let me sho u it.

Scored big on the Intellivision collection this weekend. Friday I found a copy of Space Spartans, complete with box, overlays and instructions ($3.99) and today I found a complete Intellivoice module, with box but without instructions( $also $3.99 - love that Val Vill) . This adds to my collection of two first gen. Intellivisions, one Intellevision 2 console and 30 odd games. All in the crawlspace, of course - the kids have zero interest in playing these awesome games, especially 'cos Dad can seriously pown them at any one... and the graphics are pretty crappy when compared to... oh, say... their Wii.

Intellivision collecting isn't something I'm radically serious about. I started out pretty well when I found my first console in a second hand store in Cache Creek, along with about twenty games. The guy let me have it all for forty bucks ( the original 1982 value of it all would have been $350 for the console plus $40 for each game - $1150 in 1982 dollars, probably about $5K today) . Since then I've found a few more games at the good old Val Vill, and bought a few pieces off of ebay to round out the collection. If I can add to the pile for five or ten bucks, I'll do it. It's nice to have a hobby that's not that expensive, doesn't take up a lot of space (at least when it's stored under the house) and is at least vaguely historically important - given the video game industry is more profitable than the entertainment industry these days. I kind of liken it to collecting old movie posters and such. I doubt it will ever be a valuable collection, considering the amount of stuff that's available on ebay, but it will be nice to show the urchins later in life - this is what Daddy played when he was your age...

And they will laugh and laugh.....

Monday, March 10, 2008


Day 1: I'm playing a big ass dragon called "Charizard". I breath freakin' fire, TAIL is on fire. I am DRAGON. TROGDOR IS IN DA HOUSE!

#1 is playing something called a "Kirby" - basically a big, pink blob.

Game on.

Ten minutes later and he has wiped the floor with me. "But... I'm a DRAGON! Dragon vs pink marshmallow = No Contest! What's wrong with this game? This is SO WRONG!"

Turns out "Princess Peach" kicks ass too.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Random Fluctuations

" I don't have an angel and a devil on my shoulder, I have Rocky and Bullwinkle." - Lore Sjöberg

Then there's this

And for the kids, this is getting a lot of play at our place:

Kind of scary, but #2 loves it.