Sunday, June 04, 2006

Garage sale finds... and then some....

Saturday mornings come early in our house. So it's often a cause for a trip to Tim Horton's and some garage sales. Here's a few discoveries from this weekend:
TI86 graphing Calculator - $4
Sorry, but I still like my HP15C and its quirky Reverse Polish Notation (not a joke - it's actually called RPN after a Polish mathematician). But still it will be nice to have to lend out to students. And Bonus! Memory is still intact and there are some nice AP Chem notes, Geology cheat sheets and Calculus programs installed. No games though. Obviously a hard core student.
Casio 5 MPixel digital camera - $6
Broken LCD screen, no charger or adapter. Might be fixable. Oh, and a 128 MB SD card. With pictures and cell phone backup. Pictures reveal nothing incriminating, many 20 somethings in pubs and outdoors doing 20 something activities. Cell phone has phone lists and other stuff. Don't care - format.
Sharp Electronic organizer - $2
Needs new batteries, but seems to work fine. Predecessor to the Palm Pilot and listed in PC Magazine's "Top 25 Gadgets" of the past 20 years. Give it to the kid to add to the "spy stuff" collection. But let's look at the stored information which, oddly enough, is still intact even though the thing must be 10 years old. Credit card numbers, bank account numbers, possibly a PIN number.

This is why if I ever throw anything out, which is rare, I drill holes through it first. Or give it to the kid - because I know it'll get buried in the sandbox, batted with a baseball bat and dropped in the pond... and there's not much that will take that kind of treatment.

(additional note - all devices have been wiped clean )
(UPDATE: June 5 - Or maybe not - the organizer |Just| |Won't| |DIE!|)

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