Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rhinoceros in Lynden Washington

Sorry, it must be summer. God Help Me I'm Done For Another Year. And that can only mean my annual trek to beautiful Lynden, Washington for another Rhinocerosteacher training session at Lynden High School(Go Lions!).

I've been going to these for a few years now and always have a great time. Put on by the good folks at McNeel and Associates, makers of Rhinoceros, and hosted by Bob, Dave and Pete, it's a great experience. I've gotten to play with tools I'd never otherwise have access to, learn from pros and network with other 3d teachers to see what's up. I only wish it were in September to give me a little impetus for the year. This year I designed and cut the Lego Graboid from green neon acrylic. Way too cool.

Laser cutter working on wood prototype

Done - Mmmmm, smoky!

Completed prototype - Lego compatible

Note to self - racks have straight annulis

Pricy Neon acrylic - $20 /sheet

Love that neon. Note the lego axles

Might as well do a 4 arm version.

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Brian Lavery said...

Unbelievable and very impressive