Monday, October 02, 2006

10 reasons why Halloween is better than Christmas

I noticed two things that happened at the end of August on the same day that kind of creeped me out. 1) Walking into a Michael's Craft store and seeing the Halloween decorations and 2) the Sears Christmas Wish Book arriving on our doorstep.

I like Christmas, but like Valentines Day and Thanksgiving there's that subtle (sometimes not so subtle) pressure. Pressure to be happy, enjoy it all, get into the spirit of the occasion....

Give me Halloween over any holiday of the year. No pressure. Parents try to compete with fancy Martha Stewart decorations and elaborate home made costumes... but a $4.99 "screaming skull " and a home made "Link" costume ( complete with theme song) can make for just as a memorable evening. It's all about the candy (and the screaming skulls ) people.

So I present to you my humble list:

10 reasons why Halloween is better than Christmas
10. You won't spend endless hours in the mall looking for the "right" candy.
9. No such thing as a "tacky" Halloween decoration.
8. Not getting into the Halloween spirit does not make you a "Scrooge" or a "Grinch".
7. Little Snickers bars vs eggnog.
6. Halloween specials on TV tend toward "Friday the 13th Marathons" ( OK... not necessarily a good thing, but Mom won't make you crowd around the TV to watch ).
5. Bank tellers and cashiers look much funnier as clowns and witches than elves and Mrs. Clauses.
4.The Perfect Pumpkin - $1.95, and 20 minutes to carve. The Perfect Tree - $89.99 and three hours to decorate ( not to mention pumpkins don't drop needles on the carpet ).
3. "Monster Mash" - the only Halloween Carol.
2. Rarely actually acknowledged by most until 5:00 pm October 31, and over by 9:00 pm
( except for random fireworks).
1. Christmas only 55 days away, as opposed to 365.


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