Sunday, October 29, 2006


Lenore is a "Flying Crank Ghost". She makes an appearance once a year on Halloween, creeping out the little kids, amusing the teens and wowing the parents. There's not really much to her - a coat hanger wire frame, styrofoam wig head, couple of LED's and a black light. Also the rigging that makes her "float" - that's a little more complicated. You can get a full description at Phantasmechanics, which is where I found the original plans.
Lenore is a great example of what my style of Halloween special effects is - creepy, but not gory or shocking. I love the little, little kids that slowly creep up to her with huge eyes, then usually say "she's a puppet mommy!". OK - if you're older then you like the guy with the rubber hatchet jumping out and screaming, or the leaping skeleton... not for me thanks. I'd prefer it if Lenore just showed up in your nightmares - floating silently with the eery glowing eyes.

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