Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cultural Spectrum

Last night I fully spanned the cultural spectrum. I went to a Monster Truck Show. Not just any Monster Truck Show - Monster Truck Jam. I saw "Gravedigger". I saw "Blue Thunder". I saw a jet engine powered dragster. My ears are still ringing.
Why? Why not? I've wanted an excuse to go to one of these for years and my six year old provided one. It's pretty cool watching these things go flying in the air, barely in control and crash down on a pile of dead autos ( note to self, many of the cars that were crushed were newer and in better shape than my current car ). And it was noisy and exciting and goofy and nobody there had any pretense about why they were there. It was base destruction and power and gear heading at its finest. The twenty something's sitting in front of us that brought their girlfriends sat very cooly and made little noise or commotion while my son and his friend were jumping on the seats yelling "GRAVE DIGGER/BLUE THUNDER" at the top of their lungs. I'm thinking - were it not for your ladies, you'd be doing this too... next time leave them at home - they can take care of themselves.
Last year, I went to Ashland, Oregon with the school. Ashland is the home of the Oregon Shakespeare festival. I saw "Richard the Third", "Twelfth Night", "Loves Labour Lost" and "Hamlet" in the space of three days. I loved it.
I've been to the ballet, I've seen all the Terminator movies. I've enjoyed "Carmen", I've watched "No Sex Please, We're British". I like Bach, I like the Ramones.
I think the only things I haven't been to are the things on the far edges of the spectrum. I have never been to a gallery opening or an avant garde minimalist work, and I've never been to a cock fight. Beyond those I don't want to think about what people consider as entertainment.

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