Friday, October 19, 2007

This Week....

Three things of note:

a Don Martin Collection - The only reason I read (past tense) MAD magazine. OK, Sergio Aragones, Spy vs. Spy and the occasional movie parody. But Don Martin was my hero. If I don't get this for Christmas, I'll be buying it myself. Why? Captain Klutz, Demeaning Plebney, Fester and Karbunkle, SHTOONK, DAWK and NATIONAL GORILLA SUIT DAY!

This video of the "Code Monkey Dance". There's a lot of dancing on You Tube, lots of it NSFW, but this one is pretty good. Worth watching for anyone who works in an office - I think a lot of jobs are equivalent to being a Code Monkey

Guess who wants to be "Boba Fett" for Halloween this year? ( no- not me, I wanted to be "Shaun of the Dead" but I couldn't find a cricket bat ).

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Anonymous said...

I saw that on Boing Boing and thought of you. I agree, Mad has gotten really lame.