Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls

One of the books I credit for my earlier influences. I recall getting this book out of the South Park Elementary Library over and over again, memorizing some of the better verses and acting them out at recess on the playground. I'm sure this book would spontaneously ignite if even brought near a school library today. I'm not even sure what it was doing in ours. Take a look...


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Stalker said...

Can't believe you found a copy of this book! Or is it?

I saw a play a few years ago called Shockheaded Peter -- brought these poems back to mind. Billed as a "Junk Opera of Victorian Grotesqueries", the play set to music Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann's nasty warnings to children against being a slob, playing with matches, thumb-sucking etc.

I think you'll like the song samples from the Amazon link below. Especially the unforgettable "Fidgety Phil" the best treatment of childhood ADD since, well, South Park... Hmmm?