Monday, February 11, 2008

Eccentric Cubicle

I'm currently without a workshop area pending some basement renovations. Most of the destruction has occurred, now we're just playing games with the electrician, plumber, drywaller and such trying to get them in. Yeah, yeah... I could do it myself - but it's doubly stressful with a two year old at your feet going "what doing daddy?" every minute or so.

Anyway, I can live vicariously through books like this. Eccentric Cubicle is a nice little guide to some very strange projects to make for your geekspace... that is, if your spouse or co workers don't mind a 14" working guillotine, ballista message projector or oscillating fog machine.

The book is written by Vancouverite Kaden Harris aka Eccentric Genius.

While most of the projects will ever exist in my mind ( like my Locost sports car ), his wiley building philosophy comes across nicely in the project writeups ( His scrap-fu is strong). At the very least it's inspired me to take another whack at the sadly neglected laser show. Worth a look.

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