Monday, March 10, 2008


Day 1: I'm playing a big ass dragon called "Charizard". I breath freakin' fire, TAIL is on fire. I am DRAGON. TROGDOR IS IN DA HOUSE!

#1 is playing something called a "Kirby" - basically a big, pink blob.

Game on.

Ten minutes later and he has wiped the floor with me. "But... I'm a DRAGON! Dragon vs pink marshmallow = No Contest! What's wrong with this game? This is SO WRONG!"

Turns out "Princess Peach" kicks ass too.

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Anonymous said...

Try it with 3 kids. One issue I have with Brawl and the Gamecube version before it, is that I couldn't make sense of the controls. All I ended up doing was mashing buttons.

We'll have to arrange to battle over Wi-Fi.