Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sam and Max - Freelance Police

I'm not a gamer. This is not about video games. But this is good.
Sam and Max: Freelance Police has risen again.
Once upon a time there was a very funny comic that was turned into a "point and click adventure game". It was funny, fun to play and didn't hurt my brain. The company that made the game made other similar games like "Monkey Island" and "Full Throttle". I liked these games too. A couple of years ago, they said "we're making a sequel to Sam and Max". All was good. Then the Bozos took over. "This game is not what the consumer wants - they want more 'Star Wars' shoot-em up themed games, so we're canning all adventure games - piss off wankers" (OK I added that last bit).

This was not good. Apparently the game was all of 90% complete when they dropped the ball.

I'm not impressed with todays computer games. Oh sure, they look great, but the basic premise (and ask a gamer this) has not changed in ten years. the big sellers are "First Person Shooters" where you're a gun that shoots stuff. Ok, there's "real time physics" where if you shoot a chair, it falls apart like a chair would... and there's AI where if you shoot at someone they shoot back and might hit you... and there's multiplayer capability which means you and a bunch of other guys can shoot each other.... whee....

Anyway, Telltale Games has picked up the rights to the Sam and Max gaming world.

All is good again.

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