Thursday, May 18, 2006

Miniature Brains

And the title...
Brian's is kind of cryptic - Liverspot, I finally discovered, is in reference to his many dalmatians. Pat is not a "Bad Dad"...
I had been pondering a title for a blog for some time. It reminds me of when we used to compose imaginary band names - must be somewhat cryptic, amusing, seemingly random ("Death Cab for Cutie" comes to mind).
"Miniature Brains for the Home" is the chapter title in a book on computers I read in the 9th grade. For some reason I found it insanely funny and it's stuck with me for all these years.
And it was a lot better than the other names I had come up with:
- View from Lynx Mountain
- Bob Zilenski's Herring Skiff
- Tardis Vortex
- Devil Ducky (taken anyway)
- Workbench Clutter
- Daggit Droppings
- Geared Locomotive
- Box of Circuit Boards
- Ephraim Shay World Tour
- Unfinished Project #72
- Self Deprecating
- #4 Robertson
and the very, very close runner up
- Lone Jackalope Theory


Brian Lavery said...

Oh, there is a picture of Raffles on your Railway site.
You have lots of material to work with for this blog.

Brian Lavery said...

"Bob Zilenski" is too obscure even for me. I don't get it.
I did get Ephraim Shay though.

Jouslare said...

And he quoteth from the good book, which smells, at page 168:
Envisaging the latent possibilities of electronic computers, even sober scientists are apt to indulge in day-dreaming. If we are to believe some of them, information machines will be able in the near future to do everything that human beings believe they are capable of doing: waging war, drawing up new tax laws, and making films for television -- maybe even inventing a shoe string that won't break.

We are unwilling to lose ourselves in Utopian visions. Let us see what electronic computers are actually capable of doing today, or what -- if the programmers and techincians are given another few years to play with them -- they are certain to accomplish...

All bow to Mrs. Maynard, for my typing skills. Is that the city burning or just my dinner cooking?

Jouslare said...

Oooooh, forgot this one, it's a goodie!
The housewife of the future may not be able to do without her electronic cook. She will no longer have any time to cook, because she will have to go to work to earn the money to pay the installments due on all her beautiful electronic appliances.