Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Doctor Who and the 80's Revivals

Then and Now:
Doctor Who
Then: Rubber monsters, spaceships on wires, techno babble. B-
Now: Impressive CGI effects, a budget, real drama. A
Battlestar Galactica
Then: Soap Opera acting, cheesy melodrama, daggits and children. C
Now: Gritty realism, bleak dystopia, characters and great camera moves. B+
Star Wars
Then: Han Solo, light sabers, Darth Vader. A+
Now: Jar Jar Binks, way too much CGI, Darth Maul. C+
Not to mention: The Poseidon Adventure,The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Movie, Superman, Batman Begins....

Can you spot the Trend? Can we expect "Buck Rogers" soon? (Oooh yes please with Princess Ardala and the outfits she was almost wearing...).

Funny that any of these should have had me leaping on the couch like my 10 year old self did when most of them first came out. It may be age, general cynicism or just the new "grittier" take doesn't appeal to me, but I've now learned not to set my hopes too high.

Doctor Who is pretty awesome though....

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Anonymous said...

I remember seeing BG and Buck Rogers in theatres. Of course they were pretty cool back then. They, of course, were released theatrically to ride Star Wars coat-tails.

Unfortunately, Hollywood just can't figure out how to 'do' an original SF movie. We get stuck with crud like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.