Sunday, June 18, 2006

On Awesome, Good and "Eh...."

Gorre and Daphetid
I used to read hobby magazine like Model Railroader and Garden Railways. Not for a while. To be honest, I think I've had enough of seeing the spectacular quality of work some of these people do. It's the same with any hobby magazine, DIY blog or even the R/C helicopter I saw being flown today like some kind of dragonfly on amphetamines - some people are just too damn good at what they do. It's kind of a Marth Stewart mentality - do it, do it extremely well, and in huge quantities like it's the only thing you do 24/7. I know I'm supposed to be inspired by the meticulous craftsmanship, but even pre-kids I swear I never could have put that kind of time and energy into something.
At one point I do remember reading and article about legendary model railroader John Allen, when he mentioned even he got tired of his masterpiece railroad "The Gorre and Daphetid" and wanted to chuck the whole thing and go sailing - that I appreciated.
I suppose I've never had a true passion for anything I did. I've built a lot of stuff, but I think it was just for the fun of building it. I know far too many times I've finished something just because I started it, but not because I really wanted to. And it suffers - usually it's something that I can tell will never be all I want it to be because be ambitions are greater than my abilities.
I think it's time to cull the project collection and focus on one or two.
Or maybe find a new hobby.
Now where's that "Build Your own Sports Car" book....

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