Friday, May 16, 2008


Way back, 1972 ish I'm guessing, one of my favourite AM radio tunes was "Popcorn" by a group called Hot Butter. It was probably also one of the first 45 RPM records I bought and played to death on my little portable record player.
Years later I heard it as a dance mix, then as a mash up with some Mutant Frog Thing. Wow - what a blast from the past.
It was only recently that I discovered the original composer of the piece... Gershon Kingsley from "Music to Moog By" circa 1969. Awesome on several levels.
Man, that internets is a useful place.


Stalker said...

Bravo, Mr. Kingsley.

Sweet find!

Sean Lavery said...

I know. Whatever happened to electronic music? Did it devolve into Electronica?