Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cracker Box Amp

Dude! Who needs Guitar Hero III when you can build a tasty cracker box amplifier. WOOOOO!.

This is one of those projects that was built a)because it was sort of cool b) I needed some kind of an amplifier for class and c) I had most of the parts in stock anyways. Notice I said "most"...

Back in the dark store rooms of PGSS, there are literally thousands of bits and pieces leftover from the old days, when we had a pretty comprehensive tech program. I occasionally go on raiding parties for said bits and pieces as I can usually source out 90% of the pieces I need. There are a few common IC's in stock, lots of caps and any resistor you could need, as well as some funky hardware. But usually there's one thing I can't find and it's off to 4500 block Main street, or Loughheed and Willingdon, where the only few electronics retailers I know of exist.

Funny thing though. This time the plans called for a 25 ohm rheostat. "Doesn't exist" says one retailer. "No Got" says another - "Try Digikey" . Digikey has them but they're stupid expensive 500 watt versions.... crap....

Guess who saves the day? "The Source" formerly known as "Radio Shack" - the last place on Earth I would expect to find any part relevant to a project.

Anyways - it amplifies the toy guitar nicely and the kids think that's OK.

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